Who, what and when.


My first article was published in 1998 in a small English-language newspaper called The Vienna Reporter, followed an article in its larger rival paper, Austria Today.


After joining the National Union of Journalists in 2000, I began cutting my teeth as a researcher and writer in London and Vienna. This involved work for BBC Online, the London-based business intelligence site, Netimperative, and the British press agency, Central European News.

When I later took the plunge and "went freelance" I wrote regularly on expatriate issues for Expatica and the Expat Living section of The Telegraph group's international publication, The Weekly Telegraph. 


In 2003, I moved to Germany and began a mixture of freelance work, specialising in research, article writing, voiceovers and English-language training. 


This involved writing for mainstream and specialist newspapers, magazines and websites which included everything from The Telegraph to The Lancet, The Catholic Herald to Woman magazine. I also also occasionally narrated corporate films and documentaries. 

From northern Germany I now provide journalistic writing, research and stringer / "fixer" services to mainstream British newspapers such as The Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror and The Sun.


I also write for trade publications such as Bolted and The Volvo Group magazine, and provide English-language training services to media workers and other professionals.